Engineered for Comfort

When the reputation of your business and the safety of your customers matter most, the Allstar XL Series from Starcraft Bus delivers. The XL, with its rock-solid, steel cage frame utilizes the same construction as the time-tested Allstar. Built on International’s UC chassis, this bus utilizes straight side wall construction and features a wide aisle to maximize shoulder space, giving your passengers the comfort they deserve. The XL is engineered to accommodate a variety of seating arrangements including wheelchair accessibility and various storage options for luggage. The roomy driver area allows for easy maneuvering in and out of the driver’s seat and increased visibility for the driver. Finally, whether its the forward-tilting hood for ease of maintenance or the air suspension driver’s seat for a better ride, the Allstar XL’s standard chassis features beat the competition hands-down. Choose the Allstar XL...your reputation is riding on it.

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Allstar XL International UC Floorplans

20 Passenger
24 Passenger Plus 2 Wheelchair
24 Passenger with Rear Luggage Plus Driver
28 Passenger with Rear Luggage Plus Driver
29 Passenger Plus Driver
32 Passenger Plus Driver
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